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T-10 Series Parachutes: T-10B/C/D


The T-10 series troop back personnel parachutes are designed to safely deliver airborne soldiers and their equipment from an aircraft for vertical assaults on enemy positions. This series includes the T-10B, T-10C, and T-10D models, each with unique enhancements to improve reliability and functionality.


T-10B Parachute

The T-10B model enhances the basic canopy with the addition of an anti-inversion net, improving the reliability of the already dependable T-10 parachute. Many existing canopies have been retrofitted with this netting to extend their service life and performance.


T-10C Parachute

The T-10C model builds on the T-10B with further improvements:

- Increased pocket band free length and decreased pocket depth reduce opening shock and provide a softer landing.

- The larger diameter at the skirt hem results in a lower descent rate.

- All T-10B canopies in service have been upgraded to this new configuration.


T-10D Parachute

The T-10D model offers the following advancements:

- Detachable deployment bag with a universal static line that can be adjusted to 15’ or 20’ depending on the aircraft type (e.g., C-130, C-17).

- Pocket bands lengthened to 11.75” for a more positive opening.

- Increased overall canopy size by 4.37 feet to reduce descent rate to about 15 feet per second.

- Improved harness and pack with longer shoulder pads, a saddle cushion for added comfort, and an added yoke flap for better handling.

- Fluorocarbon-treated suspension and vent lines to protect against dirt and grit, increasing service life.


Key Features:

  • Universal Static Line: Adjustable to fit various aircraft, eliminating the need for different configurations.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Longer shoulder pads, a saddle cushion, and an added yoke flap.

  • Durability: Fluorocarbon-treated suspension and vent lines for extended service life.

  • Safety: Reliable anti-inversion netting and optimized pocket band lengths for smoother openings.

The T-10 series parachutes are a testament to continuous innovation and improvement, providing airborne soldiers with a reliable, safe, and comfortable parachuting solution.

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