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Pathfinder Student Canopy

Embarking on the adventure of life is much like navigating a plane full of newstudents - a mix ofexcitement and the unexpected! However, let's set therecord straight. Novice canopy pilots often encounter common challenges liketiming issues and body positioning during deployment. Enter the PathfnderMain Canopy by Skylnnovations, a resilient companion that graciously forgivesthese missteps. Boasting durability and delivering outstanding performance, thePathfinder establishes itself as a steadfast platform for progressive studentcanopy training. Spanning sizes 200 to 280, it accommodates variouspreferences. While we can't promise an antiperspirant guarantee, rest assuredthat the Pathfnder's docility ensures a smooth and worry-free canopy flight.Crafted for strength and tailored for the student's journey, the Pathfinder fromSkylnnovations is your reliable partner in the skies.


Technical Information:

9 Cell all ZP Canopy

Avaiable in size 200, 220, 240, 260, 280

Fitted with Spectra or Vectran lines

16 Colors to chose from


Forgiving with wide control tolerances.

Soft openings

Easy and powerful flares

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