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Aviator Series Main Canopy

Taking Flight to Stress-Free Landings: The Aviator Series Unveiled

Stress reduction can be as straightforward as a powerful landing flare, and that's where the Aviator Series takes center stage. While science recommends exercise, quality sleep, and reduced caffeine intake, we propose a simpler solution – take flight with the Aviator. Renowned for its soft, consistently on-heading openings and a swift snivel, the Aviator Series ensures stress-free enjoyment from the moment you open it until you gracefully touch down. Ideal for jumpers ranging from novices to seasoned experts and even wingsuit enthusiasts, its incredibly flat glide eliminates the stress of long spots. What truly sets the Aviator apart is its remarkable ability to deliver powerful landing flares. With a short recovery arc and intuitively easy flare-timing, landings become an easy-breezy experience. The added benefit of reduced pack volume, thanks to our cutting-edge design and materials, only adds to the stress-relieving qualities of the Aviator Series. In the world of skydiving, let the Aviator take you to new heights, making landings powerful and stress-free.


Technical Information:

9 Cell all ZP Canopy

Avaiable in size 118, 138, 155, 170, 190

Fitted with Spectra or Vectran lines

16 Colors to chose from


Soft openings with smooth glide

Soft openings

Short recovery arc

Easy and powerful flares

For Novice to Experienced jumpers

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