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Military jumper landing with Aviator Military Canopy

Aviator Military Main

Introducing the Aviator Military Series, an advanced tactical main canopy with a medium-high aspect ratio and moderate taper. This nine-cell marvel is designed to enhance the capabilities of solo jumpers, providing an increased maximum suspended weight capacity.

Crafted entirely from zero-porosity ripstop nylon material, the Aviator Military Series ensures optimal offset performance throughout its entire lifespan. A stalwart in solo operations, this canopy can handle working loads of up to 480 lb (218 kg), making it the go-to choice for solo operators carrying full combat equipment, including a heavy parachutist drop bag, particularly in K9 operations.

Versatility is a hallmark of the Aviator Military Series, it seamlessly integrates into drogue-fall, freefall, and double bag static line operations, showcasing its adaptability and reliability across various scenarios. Trust the Aviator Military Series to deliver resilience and efficiency in tactical parachute operations.

Hawk Military Tandem Canopy

Introducing the Hawk Tandem Series, a cutting-edge collection of medium-high aspect ratio canopies characterized by a skillful blend of moderate taper and a nine-cell configuration. The 360, 400, 430, and 460 models have been meticulously crafted to elevate the maximum suspended weight capability, establishing them as the premier choices for Military Tandem Tethered Bundle (MTTB) operations. These canopies represent the pinnacle of tactical tandem main canopies, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in every mission.

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