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MC1 Series Parachutes: MC1-1B/C/D


The MC1 series troop back personnel parachutes are designed to provide precise, maneuverable, and safe landings for airborne soldiers and their equipment. This series is particularly suited for premeditated jumps requiring accurate landings in small target areas.


MC1-1D (SkyInnovation Modified) Parachute is optimized for premeditated jumps where precision and soft landings are crucial. Key features include:

  • Improved Deployment Bag: Features a universal static line and upgraded canopy cloth with 0-5 CFM porosity per MIL-C-44378 specifications, reducing the rate of descent in high-altitude drop zones.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Modified harness and pack with longer shoulder pads, a saddle cushion, and an added yoke flap for better handling and comfort.

MC1-1B Parachute

The MC1-1B is ideal for precise landings in small target areas. It shares the basic canopy design with the T-10B but includes:

  • Maneuverable Canopy: Eleven cut-out areas in the 30 gores create a gliding descent.

  • Control Lines: Two control lines extending from outboard orifices to toggles enable 360° turns.

  • Anti-Inversion Net: A 3-3/4 inch mesh net attached to the canopy skirt extends 18 inches below for enhanced reliability.

  • Specifications: When packed, the assembly weighs approximately 29 lbs with a nominal diameter of 35 feet and a projected diameter of 24.5 feet.


MC1-1C Parachute

Designed by the United States Army in 1988, the MC1-1C is tailored for premeditated jumps requiring soft, precise landings. It features:

  • Low Porosity Canopy: Standard configuration with canopy cloth meeting PIA-C-44378 specifications for reduced descent rates.


MC1-1D Parachute

The MC1-1D model incorporates:

  • Universal Static Line: Equipped with a new static line snap for versatility across different aircraft types.


Key Features of MC1 Series:

  • Precision Landings: Ideal for small target areas.

  • Maneuverability: Gliding descent and 360° turn capability with control lines.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Upgraded harness, longer shoulder pads, saddle cushion, and yoke flap.

  • Reliable Design: Anti-inversion net and durable canopy materials.


The MC1 series parachutes are designed for precision, maneuverability, and comfort, ensuring airborne soldiers can execute vertical assaults with confidence and accuracy.

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