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Bridging Engineering Excellence with the Skies

Welcome to SkyInnovations, where the precision of engineering meets the boundless skies. Based in Brisbane, Australia, our dedicated team is committed to delivering robust engineering solutions with unwavering passion. Our strength lies in our formidable engineering capabilities and our continuous drive to innovate. Specializing in the design and manufacture of parachutes for both sports and military applications, we blend cutting-edge technology with rigorous safety standards to ensure every product meets the highest quality benchmarks. With a swift turnaround and a relentless focus on excellence, SkyInnovations invites you to experience the perfect harmony between engineering prowess and the freedom of flight. Explore the future of parachute technology with us and discover the sky's true potential.

Current Delivery Times:

All Sport Canopy: 10-14 Weeks

Custom Canopy: 12-16 Weeks

*Subject to material availiblity 

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